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During the past few years I've written for a number of online sites and print publications, as well as providing opinion pieces and travel advice columns for magazines, travel companies and parenting websites.

If you've got a project you'd like me to look at, please give me a shout.

Harrods Travel Magazine & Harrods Magazine

Beautifully produced luxury lifestyle titles that inspire readers through their engaging content, authoritative tone of voice and stunning creative. Commissions for Harrods publishing include family ski round ups, a Canadian family adventure and walking with elephants in Botswana.


Tatler is Britain's most sophisticated magazine. It’s mischievous, glamorous, intelligent and fun. The travel section, and annual Travel Guide showcase the worlds greatest escapes. Commissions to date include a piece on a family visit to the Amazon rainforest and reviews of some of the world’s most gorgeous hotels.


Family-friendly Amazon

It was like a hairy dinner plate with legs - but seven year old Molly, normally a screecher at the sight of anything bigger than a gnat, was beside herself with excitement when she saw the tree spider above our table at dinner. Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, in the Brazilian Rainforest, was a thirteen hour taxi-plane-truck-boat-van-athon from Rio – one heck of a journey – but ooooh so worth it: the lodge as decadent as it was remote. Reef roofed and wooden clad cottages disguised boutique hotel interiors. Think jungle lux – Tarzan meets Conran …………

House & Garden

House & Garden Magazine sets the standard when it comes to home design and decoration magazines. This leading title includes features on travel, wine and food and lifestyle. Commissions to date include the ongoing family travel intro for their annual supplement, Destinations Magazine, a feature on family staycations and family festivals.


Family Values

With so many places in the world to explore, its easy to overlook the gems on our doorstep. So, put the passports away and let us introduce you to some great, wholesome family breaks in the UK.

Family Traveller (Website & Magazine)

A regular and ongoing contributor to the Family Traveller website – an indispensable guide to anyone travelling with babies, children and teenagers. Commissions for the print magazine include a family safari in Tanzania, glamping in Canada, and skiing in the Dolomites.


Paradise Found

“Giraffes, I can see giraffes” Mols squeaked, fighting the constraints of her lapstrap as our Cessna Caravan (think minibus with wings) touched down on the dusty airstrip in the Serengeti. They were distant, and small, but there was no mistaking the leggy, necky frames on the horizon: nor the obvious excitement of an eight year old on her first trip to the bush ……."

Journeys Magazine

Journeys Magazine was dedicated to those looking for authenticity, life-enriching and transformational travel experiences. Features included a peep at some of the most interesting places for families to stay around the world, and investigating the most spectacular wildlife show on earth - the great migration.


The Great Migration

The Serengeti is not only one of the most famous national parks in the world, it also plays host to the longest and largest over land migration on the planet. One and a half million wildebeest, and hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelles journey on a perpetual cycle of clockwise rotation through the Serengeti and Masai Mara, following the rains and searching for food. This annual circular pilgrimage is considered to be one of the most spectacular natural wildlife shows on earth ……….

Italia! Magazine – Showcasing the very best in Italian travel, food, wine & culture

Features have varied from interviewing the head of the Alessi brand empire, to proving that culture and children can work. Not to mention enjoying a little gelato and la dolce vita …. all in the name of research of course.


City Break Feature: Family Florence

My husband and I went to Florence on our first city break together – a wonderfully romantic weekend packed with gallery visits, long lazy lunches and far too many bottles of Chianti. Some years later, and with a small addition to the family, we decided to head back.

A return visit to this city of a thousand memories with a small child in tow required careful consideration and serious planning. I wanted my daughter to love this wonderful cultural city without being phased by it, to sample its museums without overdosing on them, and to take away a richness of memory that would have her coming back in later years to fully explore the culture, architecture, art, food and atmosphere that make up this renaissance beauty.

Square Meal Lifestyle

Square Meal Lifestyle is a quarterly lifestyle magazine for high-end Londoners and I was delighted to be approached by the team in relation to family travel features. During my time writing for the magazine, I’ve had commissions for active and adventurous family holidays, and luxury family escapes.


Family Escapes

“Every family is looking for something different from their winter holiday. Some parents seek out the sun, and want nothing more than to relax in fabulous surrounding. For others however, nothing beats the call of the white stuff, and time on the piste. Whether you’re after short or long haul, relaxation or adventure, snow or sun, we bring you a round up of some of the great holidays on offer to families with itchy feet this winter …"

The Independent

A regular contributor to the papers weekly “On the Road“ column (short and amusing anecdotes about events or encounters whilst travelling) in the Independent’s weekly travel supplement, The Independent Traveller. Full length features included a Michelin star ski adventure in the Dolomites.

Footprint Travel Guides – Publishing guides since 1924

Digital editor and online feature writer for Footprint, unarguably “the godfather” of travel guides (not to mention the longest running travel guides in the English language). Travel Talk blogger alongside the wonderfully talented team of Sarah Baxter, Deputy Editor of Wanderlust Magazine, and Duncan Mills, Deputy Editor of Traveller Magazine.

Sundowner Magazine - Abercrombie & Kent’s customer magazine

Sundowner is written for those with an insatiable thirst for travel, and an untamable wanderlust. I contributed to the magazine for three years, and was Editor for two.

Cool Places

Cool Places is a gem of a concept: celebrating the best of Britain by getting professional travel writers to look a little closer to home and write about their local patches: providing honest, up to date, fresh and contemporary reviews of everywhere featured. Author of the Stratford-Upon Avon guide and contributor to The Cotswold guide, I was delighted to be part of the team in its early years.

Junior – now online

The yummy mummy of parenting mags, I was delighted to have been involved with Junior Magazine for four years, writing for both the main magazine and their prestigious annual travel supplement.


Ski Feature: Pistes of Perfection

The family ski market has grown up massively over the past few years, with established travel companies jumping on the “child friendly” bandwagon and some excellent family specialist companies focusing their attentions on this niche market alone.

In the main, most companies offer good childcare, reasonably healthy food, access to accredited ski schools and a safe and fun environment for your children to spend time in. Where they differ however is in their approach, their offering, their locations ….. oh, and their price! So whilst some, in these times of austerity, are focusing on delivering value for money for those without bottomless pockets, others look at add value through the little extra touches: adding a degree of lux to a market which is quickly catching up with its grown up counterpart, delivering a no compromise holiday to parents and their children alike.

National Geographic Family

A regular and ongoing contributor to the Family Traveller website: an indispensable guide to anyone travelling with babies, children and teenagers. Commissions for the magazine include family safari in Tanzania and skiing in the Dolomites.


When in Rome

“From beaches in Brazil to mountains in Morocco, my daughter is pretty well travelled for her age. The one thing I’d steered clear of since her arrival however, was the city breaks I’d so relished in my past. But last autumn, it felt the right time to bite the bullet and see whether I could manage the weekend jaunts of my pre-parent days work with a six year old in tow.

First decision was destination, and Italy seemed like the obvious choice. After all, Italians love children and make exceptionally good gelato, and I challenge you to find me a child that doesn’t love ice cream. There was of course more to it than that though. Rome, known more for its ancient architecture than it’s family friendliness, had gotten under my skin from the first visit some 30 years ago: now it was time to see if my daughter found it equally beguiling ........ cont"

Smith & Family

Well honestly, what did they expect?! Send enough people away on dirty weekends and you've only got yourself to blame when your previously "young free and single" clientele" are suddenly travelling with a little more baggage.

I am delighted to sit on the parent panel of Mr & Mrs Smith's new offspring, Smith & Family. Catering for the changing lifestyle of many Mr & Mrs Smith customers, they provide the low down on the best family friendly hotels for those who now have mini-Smiths in tow.