Liz Harper Travel

About me

Travelling to little known places in the world to watch my father participate in gliding championships seems to be the foundation of my love for travel.

As a family we travelled extensively to well known long haul destinations, but never to well known places within them; competitions always seemingly held in the back of beyond.

Sightseeing was generally done on “non soarable” days; which typically meant in the rain. Not conventional holidays perhaps, but these trips gave us a great insight into places beyond the tourist trails.

Closer to home, we did road trips through Europe. I’ve very happy memories of all seven of us (who says you can’t travel with kids – my parents had five!) roaming around the Italian lakes in a clapped out VW camper van-come- tardis ..... I still can’t quite figure out how we all fitted!

Since then, with a wanderlust and passion for travel almost certainly inherited from my parents, I’ve mountain biked through the sacred valley in Peru, dived the great barrier reef in Australia, fallen in love with dingy sailing in Sardinia, fished for piranha’s in the Amazon rainforest and learnt to fly in New Zealand.

Visiting more than thirty five countries on six continents I gave up hitch hiking as soon as I could afford the bus fare home.

Nowadays, I’m prepared to rough it, love to lux it but am not a fan of the mass of mediocre options in between.

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